Delivery to Newberg, Canby, Stayton, Turner, Aumsville, Keizer, Salem, Hubbard, Aurora, Tigard, Shaw, Macleay and Sherwood.  
Mr Milkman
Milk and dairy grocery products

Why Use Milk and Dairy Home Delivery Service?

Grocery delivery is convenient and gives you the freshest milk and dairy products delivered right to your doorstep. No grocery shopping hassle standing in long checkout line and no last minute running to the grocery store when you run out of milk. Mr. Milkman delivers far more than the freshest milk available. We deliver eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, juice, butter, cereal, bacon, frozen goodies and much more. Mr. Milkman Home Delivery brings the dairy section of the store directly to your home.

It's simple to see how Mr. Milkman helps you be more effective and efficient. Our grocery delivery service is easy, not expensive and comes straight to your home. We pick up our products direct from the producer which means the freshest selection for you. Call or email us today and ask about our grocery delivery plans. Mr. Milkman makes your life easier with grocery, milk and dairy delivery directly to your door.

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